In search of “Exceptional Destiny” for the country mentioned by Charles de Gaulle.
Feelings of persistent melancholy infused with nostalgia. Very much into the exploration of society dominated by rationalist and bourgeois values. Esthetics of romantic miserabilism experienced in the form of pleasure. Secular ideal derived from Enlightenment. Doubt is the first philosophical reflex, too full of hope are naive. Art de vivre as creative reinvention of critical impulse promoting cultural innovation. Absurd and strange beauty lies in connection between existentialism and pursuit of pleasure reigned supreme. Melancholy defined by Victor Hugo as “happiness of being sad “swim together in delights of elegance, sensuality, splendid mistresses quality and form. Sophisticates know better what life is all about. It is chic and spiritual. Is it a pose? Or mature societies show their supremacy through quality of life. Contemplating and making intellectual argument is the order of the day. Not in the overdone manner.
Let's not be in self-delusion. Hedonism survived.