We love to experience emotions. “Bird in Space” by Constantin Brancusi sculpture is the pure experience of sublime emotions. The decision has been made to create a frame inspired by this great art. “Abstract is what is most realistic. What is real is not the appearance, but the idea, the essence of things" , Brancusi said. Listening to the Master, bringing eyewear frame inspired by his work is more than just to create a utility object. It has required a special approach in order to search for the idea that was on his idiosyncratic mind. The story was written, that of the man in bare, surreal landscape heading towards a divine destination and splashing into the comfort of creativity. Strong associations exist across the perceptual boundaries. Once Brancusi sculpture was decomposed in to create a new object, we knew it needed spiritual tones to connect movement with peace and tranquility. Music vibrating in our heads, primeval, Avant-garde, became organ improvisations devised by the composer. Severity of tones and simplicity of the frame requires visual framing. For a long time we were intrigued by Lutheran wooden baroque churches built as result of post Augsburg Treaty dealings between German Emperor and Swedish King in XVII century. Perfect match. Finding yet another dimension brought us to our art travels into the Metropolitan museum in NY with its David Hockney “Mount Fiji and Flowers”. Lonely stranger is emerging from somewhere, breathing intensity of Hockney’s inspired colors. Dealing with sacral architecture in modern art. isn't easy. You find shelter at the cost of isolation. To be open mined You have look at the stars or a sky. “Space that Sees” in Jerusalem by James Turrell was our mind opener and trigger to install, simple heavenly gap in the baroque ceilings, drooping rays of light onto the earthly floor. The ephemeral nature of the moment is crowning with disappearing cloud. The circle is closed. Forces of Brancusi refinement stand still. “Bird in Space”.